Weber Portable Charcoal Grill

The Weber Charcoal Grills are quite famous around the world and the best portable charcoal Grills for their simplicity and easy to use features.

The Weber portable charcoal grills are classic versions of grills that have made it very convenient to roast and barbeque poultry and meat. The portable grills manufactured provide the same tasty flavored food as the larger charcoal grills. They are the best because you can take them around while going camping, picnic or anywhere you need.  

The Weber portable charcoal grills are quite user-friendly. They could be easily set up on a table, hard surface, or a table. Once set, you may start preparing your feast and get famous amongst your peers and colleagues. The Weber portable charcoal grills are also available as gas versions.

Some models of Weber Portable Charcoal Grills  


these series have a 160 square inch cooking surface that is made of porcelain and consists of a lid to keep your food safe from rain and dust. The grill stands on heavy-duty legs, which are foldable. The grill is designed in rectangular and is so small that it can easily fit in your car. It is lightweight and can be carried with one hand. There is a triple coated steel grate, which can be easily cleaned and maintained. It also consists of heat resistant nylon handles so that you can hold them without any fear.  


these series is a smaller version of the known kettle type Weber charcoal grill. They are mini-sized grills equipped with short metal legs for convenience. The model is built in Silver and Gold models. They have porcelain bowl and lid with a relatively bigger cooking area compared to the Go-Anywhere series. The Gold version is also manufactured with a lid lock. The lock could also be lowered and can become as a lid holder while cooking. It is more convenient to carry this grill along.  


Previously, the Q models were only available in gas, but now Weber has also launched charcoal versions. This model has a 280 square inch cooking surface with removable lid. Two cooking grates are porcelain-enameled. The lid and the body are made with aluminum. The top and bottom dampers fully control the airflow and heat. It has a glass-reinforced grill frame that can be set anywhere for cooking. There is also a charcoal tray and a removable drip tray to clean all the mess.   


This grill is different from the others. It uses the gas source to light up the charcoals. Once the coals are fully lit, the gas source is switched off. It makes it more convenient to light up the charcoals. It also has a charcoal bin that can easily store charcoals.


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